Wings to the Sun
A workshop constellating transition, transformation 
& community with Stephen Victor, Andean Mystic and Master Facilitator

02 November 2013  – 9:30am
Surrey, England

Each of us in our own way is experiencing the intense metamorphosis taking place within ourselves and our world. There are no maps to follow, no blueprint to engage. 

But there is no need to ‘brail’ our way into the insight present in the intangible energetic fields around us. Together, the community that gathers in this workshop will touch the requisite insights, lifting us individually into a life affirming ‘now’ of individual and community promise.

Stepping into the Field means stepping into connection – with your self and with creation. You will be steeped in the Field for the whole time you attend, be it for just one or both days.  Whether you set a personal constellation, take part in one or observe, you will benefit greatly. Being in the Field in whatever capacity, brings you transformation.

Life Sustaining Fields of Energy
They await our involvement and collaboration. In doing so, we heal, grow, change and avail ourselves of their life-affirming strengths, intelligences, wisdom and creativities.

About Stephen Victor
Stephen Victor works as a teacher, consultant and writer. For thirty years his work has been catalytic in changing individuals, families, businesses and organisations. Stephen’s approach is uncommon and “outside-the-box.”  The success of his clients are his credentials. He draws on models from NLP, Hellinger Constellations, Peruvian and Mexican Mystical traditions, Sente Energetics and Poetry. He lives with his family in the northwestern USA.  He works in the USA, EU and Eastern Mediterranean. 

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