Thank you, Stephen!
The results from your individual session were unbelievable. Before the session I had very low levels of energy. I needed to sleep 10 hours a day and still felt tired. But after our session circumstances of my life changed dramatically in less than 1 week; what followed was a great increase of energy, creativity and new much higher level of fulfillment of my life in general. These results are stable (already 3 months have passed).
I also liked what I felt during the session very much. Energy shifts were palpable. My muscles moved without me consciously initiating their movement. And even my posture has change and improved. Fantastic! Don’t have enough words of appreciation.
—Svetlana Charkovskaya

My session was healing and mind blowing. —Theta Frasier Curry

Stephen is one among many of our contemporaries whose comprehension of the sublime energetic interdependencies, upon which life at all its levels is founded, is profound. He is one of those rare human beings–explorers in human thought and endeavor–whose chosen path is to throw light on the future.
– Pete Cotton, Ed. D. – Founder and Director of EarthTeach

Thanks to your courage, leadership and teaching, field work is taking off, growing and becoming an organic expression of love in this place.  What a remarkable difference you’ve made and are making. I am very grateful for what I’ve learned with you and the new capacity to render service that it is giving me. Thank you.
– Joseph Friedman Co-Founder and Director of JMJ Academy

This work was the most significant life changing event. It opened up my eyes and a lot of my heart.
— Phil Kobrzycki

I am SO SO grateful for you and your path….and the doorway.
— Nara Rosser

Stephen’s ability to get to the core of any issue is quite staggering.
—Jane Battenberg

There are many events that claim to be transformational but there is ONE that forever changes lives. Stephen Victor – an internationally renowned alchemist is that person. Stephens’s workshops and coaching sessions have transformed thousands of lives around the world. Bring ALL your challenges, bring ANYTHING you have NOT been able to shift and heal all your life, bring the BIGGEST most important questions about your life, bring that which no one else managed to help you with and Stephen will do that with grace and ease.
— Adele Adonai

I have been feeling like ‘me’ again since our coaching session. And I love feeling me 😀
— Adele Adonai

After working with Stephen, I am living the life I want with so much more openness and freedom and so much joy. His ability to make others feel so very comfortable and at ease with their deepest desires and vulnerabilities is an exceptional trait and an example to others.
— Tracy Biada

Stephen Victor’s work is exquisite…
—Marla Estes

Your wisdom is truly a bright beacon.
— CG

Stephen Victor is one of my favorite teachers because of his blazing sharp ability to see what is true.
— Katrina Meyers

Your dignity and integrity touch me very deeply.
— Kristina Culum — Denmark

Take those Ashland folks flying this weekend… As only you can..
I totally …absolutely… adore your work…
It was amazing, what we did… You have Magic …
— Mirela Cvijanovic, MD

Kudos to your phenomenal abilities and work, Stephen. I highly recommend working with Stephen Victor.
— Christine Parini —

Stephen — I just wanted to say “thank you” again. Dragging myself to the constellation workshop this past weekend was an effort, and staying there an effort. But I stayed. And, it paid off.

Sometimes, in constellations, you see, hear, touch, experience something that is at the limits of the human soul to bear, in terms of an emotion that is somewhere between the poles of excruciating grief, profound understanding, incomprehensible beauty and the silent rapture of the spaces between the stars. I’ve had that experience – what? maybe half a dozen? a dozen? times in my work with you, and this was one of those times. It didn’t make going back to work any easier, but it did remind me that my life is deeper than the next deadline, and that there is more to my soul and this existence than executing the mission.
—Carl Nieder

All that I have learned from you many years ago, and since then, has resulted in so much much healing for me and my family, and for that, I will be forever grateful….It has been and continues to be an amazing and incredible journey. Thank you Stephen for all you are and all you do.
— Annette Ragatz

Dear Stephen, my 9 year old daughter asked me last night: “Dad, what did you learn at the seminar today?” I paused for a moment and then without a second thought I responded with this: “I learned how to live my life better!” I don’t know if that satisfied her curiosity. What I do know is that this is a genuine and honest response to her simple question. It sums up all the myriad things I have gained in your workshops. My great thanks to you for assisting me in this magical journey..Which I feel is now only beginning. You have a special place in my heart always.
—Nicos Charalambous — Cyprus

Since the age of 18, I have rejected God and all religious institutions for strong intellectual reasons, and have always identified myself with atheism, secularism and existentialism… After working with you, I started feeling the urge to further open my heart and to “kneel before the fact that the Creator created my soul.” And a few days ago I felt that many heavy feelings were released with tears. This seems to be a deep experience of faith on the heart level and has left me feeling “at home” in a universe the perviously seemed to be so cold and indifferent. I wish to thank you for coming to Jerusalem to do the workshop…..(also), over the weeks after the workshop, there has been considerable transformation in the relationship with my mother and it seems that she has felt that silent acknowledgment and has accepted me as a daughter with complete love.
— Suha Khoury – Jerusalem

Thank you again and again and again for transforming my life! I have no words to describe how grateful I am for bringing me back to life! Was I sleep awake for 37 years? Did I waste that much time?!!! Everything feels and looks different. I am more disciplined and not scared of taking action. I am loving the new meeee!!
— Caludia Mendenz – London

The workshop experience is one I will cherish and keep close to my heart. Your artful way of processing each of our issues was magically done, as well as being directive when needed. Really refreshing blend to see.
— Kate Adey — London

You are very much a gifted “maestro” in the way that you work – listening, tuning and acting with Precision when directed by the Filed. Beautiful to watch. I also loved your use of poetry.
—Suzanne Anderson

Stephen Victor has been my teacher and guide in the realms of Constellations and in living this path fully! If you are are ready to be supported and Live your Life Fully, and are located anywhere near the Ashland area or want a magical journey in the Beautiful Fall Season) I highly recommend you gift yourself this work…Stephen Victor is an amazing guide. He has mentored me on this path in profound ways. Work with him if so called.
— Gwendolyn Terra

Stephen Victor…Intuitive. Laser. Clear and direct with grace. Well worth the self investment.
—Rick Maurmann

When in Ashland, I highly recommend Constellation work with the masterful Stephen Victor.
—Chakra Earthsong

Dear dear Stephen Victor,
Thank you thank you for the unbelievable support, kindness, loving, and, compassionate support you gave to me in our coaching session. You were right on over and over. I got deeper than ever before into the grief that’s been weighing me down since a young woman, young girl, as well. You are an extraordinary master, and I am so very grateful..I came home filled with deep grief, but it has lifted and I truly feel lighter..
— Carolyn Hamburger

Dear Friends, I highly recommend Stephen Victor. Working with this Master has been life changing for me.
—Jasna Pecaric

Still basking in the glow of releasing such an inordinate amount of unconscious blocked energy. Have been feeling my world. Feeling those connections, honoring what they represented and thanking it all for the wisdom being offered, It is a new, and nourishing experience.
— Kathy Litkie — New England

After our last coaching session I was finally able to experience real deep joy for having this little baby grow inside of me. Now I am welcoming him. I also finding it easier to paint and instead of lamenting that I only have an hour or two a day. I just go for it and the absolute best is loving every second of it…. with this approach, the end effect is better too. I feel happier and healthier.
— Veronika Kacperski — Malta

I think the best word to describe my state is “flourishing”. The joint workshop you did in Israel/Palestine was great—really opening my eyes to the complexity of our political situation and multilayers of energy forces that need to be acknowledged and healed… I have learned from you the most important lessons in my life. For that I am truest grateful.
— Suha Khoury – Jerusalem

I am feeling much better and compliment your work by saying that three years of psychotherapy did not have the effect on me that your two-day seminar had. I feel at home in myself after so many years of struggling with the question “who am I? And the answer came.
— Julia Cionei — Cyprus

I am deeply appreciative of Stephen’s skills, contributions and heart in assisting others to stand in their selves, released from unconscious burdens and integrated into the fullness of being here now.
— Rosemary Lazzari

I was fortunate enough to attend one of Stephen’s workshops in Cyprus a few years ago and was amazed to discover the incredible work he was doing. It was like nothing I had ever experienced or witnessed before. The work itself was ground-breaking and life-changing on a personal level, and in terms of my understanding as a healing facilitator. The beauty and richness of that workshop has stayed with me ever since. This work has to be experienced! It literally demonstrates our connectedness with each other and with all beings. It heals the wounds of the world. Love and gratitude to you Stephen.
—Diane Hall

Stephen Victor’s personal strength and his nonjudgmental support were essential as the “me” was reintegrating…Thank you.
— Ouve’ de Laarge

Your energy, knowledge, passion, intuition is amazing. I am so taken by the genuine nature of the process. You truly believe in what you are doing—this is wonderful and genuine, authentic.
—Ouvre’ de Laarge

I met Stephen over 15 years ago. He presented on the 5th day of my workshop. The first four days I had one foot out the door. From the moment Stephen sat down in front of us, on our level, he spoke from his heart. He was present, honest, sincere and authentic… I knew I had met my mentor and teacher. His integrity, authenticity, humor and humility created an atmosphere that was loving and powerful—he is an example of what he teaches.
— Lorrie Jones

I have learned more from Stephen than any other individual in my life. He weaves a web of connection between himself and the subject he is addressing and the participants so that we are able to weave (or reweave) our own lives. His unique blend of knowledge, experience, honor, integrity and wisdom.
—Lorrie Jones — Seattle

Stephen, I want to thank you for the deftness, sensitivity and grace you accorded me during this weeks’ seminar. Your caring respect made it easy for me to make space in which to work. Your advice and encouragement reflected empathy with the exact stage of my process at every point.

Here’s the thing: your workshop changed my life. I have profound respect and appreciation for you Stephen
—Darrell Clement

I loved your worksop and the work that you do. I cannot explain to you how much this has helped me see the world differently. Thank you for the beautiful insights you have given me.
—Jeanine Baker

Thank you, thank you for your kind, reverent and skilled teaching and mentoring. You are truly a gift and I am so very glad to have been a recipient of your work.
— Karin Elda, Eugene

I am honored to the depths of my soul to have been taught by you. I feel humble and in awe of what lies before me. Thank you!
— Judy Gove

As I step forward as a facilitator, I feel deep gratitude for you as my teacher. The training was such a gift to me at a very potent time in my development. I have never felt such a connection to the magic of life and my own truth as I do today. Thank you for your footsteps on my path.
— Kori Forney

The beauty and sincerity of your being touches my heart very deeply and I am honored to share any of your and our collective journey, as it arises.
— Leia Reid

I feel a though my entire being is re-organized and that I have made a complete integration within myself for balance, clarity and well-being. I understand my personal power, and use of clear intention.
— Sherolyn Tramel

I mainly want to say that I am very appreciative of what transpired in our time together, There is a peace and stillness I have only glimpsed at in the past, that seems to have taken up residence in my being. I am eager to see what transpires from it. There is a freedom within that I am most grateful for.
— Elizabeth Turner

Stephen’s work enriches my life on a daily basis. I had heard about you and your work in Alaska. I waited years to experience it. The leaps and gains I have gotten from working with you are invaluable and help me more fully create the life I choose. I super recommend Stephen and his work. I have gotten so much insight, love and healing from your work. Thank you.
— Becker Chandler

It is not every day we are invited to work with such a transforming spirit as Stephen Victor.
— Becker Chandler

Thank you so much for arranging the constellation so spontaneously. You are focused, attuned and a warrior of the field!..It was very informative and moving.. I feel a shift has occurred. Stephen, I really appreciate your dedication and awareness.
— Debra Zaslow

It was a profound experience that I have yet to digest. Let it suffice to say that I was deeply moved, and really awestruck by your ability to be present to what needed to happen on every level. Stephen, your work is Vibrant Artistry.
— Debra Zaslow’

I cannot thank you enough. Your work is amazing. I am very grateful to be anchored in my body and living my own life! Your Constellations truly are “the heart of the matter”. I admire and appreciate the international applications of your generous talents, which surely are having a global impact.
—Mariette Ravet

Although I have engaged in and benefitted from various forms of life-enhancing therapies, this was my first experience with the process of Family Constellations… I was privileged to be to be a part of this special group facilitated by Stephen. His masterful orchestration of very difficult and intense circumstances and emotions is much, much appreciated.
— Jennifer Meyerhoff