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Stephen Victor is uncommon and extraordinary in his sensory and extrasensory perception. His thinking and brilliant facility in identifying root causes, remedies, and pathways forward for individual, professional, business, and organizational endeavors is unprecedented.

Stephen works as a consultant, mentor, coach, and writer in the fields of human, business and organizational promise. He provides coaching and convenes public and private workshops for individuals and organizational and business clients in 21 countries in North America, Europe, East Asia and the Eastern Mediterranean.

A primary focus of Stephen’s work is the empowerment of women and the honoring of the Feminine–and improving gender-based relationships.

Models underwriting Stephen’s work: organizational development, the social psychology of personal and spiritual growth, Neurolinguistic Programming, Bohm’s Dialogue, Andean, Mexicah/Toltech Mysticism, Sente Energetics and Gender-based Relationships and Sexuality, Hellinger’s System Constellations and poetry.

He draws on years of his 35 years of direct experience in facilitating personal growth workshops, mediating conflicts within business and organizational leadership and project teams, coaching and mentoring executives and private persons, training NLP Practitioners, and facilitating and training Hellinger Constellation processes.

His early activities include the serving in U.S. Navy, attending university, and working as a deputy sheriff and police officer. He loves reading and writing, poetry, black and white photography, exercise and the out-of-doors.