“A person, when they are wise, has a pattern in their mind into which everything they know fits and into which everything they don’t know could fit.” — William Blake

Although I use the commonplace words of business, personal and life coach—and workplace and public workshop facilitator—to market my work, what I do and how I do it differs in form, content, process and intent from contemporary coaching institute curricula.

The process level of my work is largely intellectually indefensible—yet quite real in experience. So too the outcomes of my work: People feel changed. They are relieved. They feel lighter. They are more clear and relaxed. They are stronger. Free from previous defined or ill- or undefined impediments. Their relationship with their personal power has improved. They are more resourceful. More capable. They have more lift and forward motion in their lives. The access “flow states” more readily. They recover more easily and quickly when they stall. They are more genuinely themselves doing more of what they themselves want to do. They are happier.

Additionally, the working models and processes they use for getting their needs met, and for getting their wants and desires fulfilled are different and doable and more easily accessible to them. Their models actually work.

Although there are more bits about me in “My story” — I cannot convey things about my work without offering something here about myself. When I was nine, my little sister was born. I was unaccountably ecstatic. Twenty years ago I realized that I was utterly in love with the Feminine—that Force of the Mystery—that—in terms of human people—primarily resides or can reside—and expresses in and through girls and women.

The force of our world’s institutionalized mores thwart, foil and inhibit the Feminine and girls and women. This force denies the Feminine and girls and women standing, place, voice, power and contribution. This is inexcusable. Indefensible. Intolerable. Offensive.

Having said this, though seemingly less obvious the selfsame mores constrain men as well—rendering boys and men equally disadvantaged—yet the hindrance presents very differently. The real rub is that men fail to apprehend the breadth and depth—the profundity—of their limitations—their being rudderless while wholly unawares.

One of the primary centers of my work is to counterbalance these impeding forces through empowering women and men. Reconfiguring their lives so each revolves around their own Center. Each lives her and his own live genuinely. In her or his own way. Each fully embodying her or his own power and being gracious in the face of the power of others.

Maps underwriting my work: organizational development, the social psychology of personal and spiritual growth, Neurolinguistic Programming, Bohm’s Dialogue, Andean Mysticism, Mexicah/Toltech Mysticism, Sente Energetics and Gender-based Relationship and Sexuality Models, Hellinger’s System Constellations and poetry.

“There are many events and coaches that claim to be transformational but there is ONE that forever changes lives. Stephen Victor – an internationally renowned alchemist is that person. Stephens’s workshops and coaching sessions have transformed thousands of lives around the world. Bring ALL your challenges, bring ANYTHING you have NOT been able to shift and heal all your life, bring the BIGGEST most important questions about your life, bring that which no one else managed to help you with and Stephen will do that with grace and ease.” — Adele Adonai