Are You in Love with the World?

Have You Fallen in Love with Life Yet?

Beyond Loss

My wife left her body two years ago this month. Four days before her birthday. Nine before our anniversary. Twenty-one after our denial shattered. Cancer.

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“All you have to do is write one true sentence. Write the truest sentence you know.” —Ernest Hemingway

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Photo: Stephen Victor
I heard a short story, whether real or apocryphal who knows. It went like this: A woman whose circumstance and those of

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The Much that Calls for More

There are moments when The Mystery, through circumstance, opens the ledgers of our life revealing its accounts—the credits and debits of experience and expression—our daily

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The Wild Rose

I’ve had a yellow rose bush in a terra cotta pot for maybe twenty-five years. I’ve dragged it from house to house. Two years ago

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A couple years ago I discovered YouTube’s Britain’s Got Talent. When I have time I watch and listen while making breakfast or coffee. In sharing

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