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Perhaps something in your life is stuck, not working, or in need of breakthrough. Or maybe you'd like to deepen your insight and wisdom. If so, you're in the right place.

Often people try very hard to change their lives, only to find the same old patterns popping up again in different clothes.

Real Change, when it happens, is unmistakable. Life before does not resemble life after, because in ways that count you become someone new.

In our work together, we free you of these pattern clusters that held you down. Welcome to a new life, lived by the authentic you.

This takes knowing the value of Change. Most of us fail to apprehend the benefit, but once we know, f*** yeah, we’re ready. 

Are you ready?

Life is Utterly Responsive to You.

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Live and Work By Your Own Criteria.
Live Your Life, Instead of Another's.
Let Your Own Wisdom Guide You.

In this life we are given opportunities to outgrow our upbringing, our training, our enculturation.

Jump at the opportunities!

If we do this, we move more fully into the experience and creative expression we want, and the fulfillment and movement into an equanimity with our lives.

I can help.

Live the Genuine You - Clear, Free & Unified

A large murmuration of birds sync together in patterns as they fly

You can live differently, inside the culture, yet from your true nature.

We are taught to value the intersubjective – what we call objective reality – yet our strength arises from clear, strong, subjective awareness. Our subjectivity, the domain we’ve been trained to disavow, is our navigational device.

Our desires and loves, curiosities and interests are honorably intended. They are our cardinal directions. These are the stars we are to follow.

Our culture places lookalike stars in the vault of our heaven – necessary, yes, however they distract from our own stars.

Time to reconnect and align with your true coherence, your genuine heart, experience, and creative expression.

Time to live your life irrespective of the contexts you find yourself in. Not at odds with them, but instead living your own life in the larger community.

children run in the surf and spray in the sunlight, at play

Engage with Your Moment.

Clarity. Awareness. Expressive Leadership.