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Breathe Life Into Your WorkLife

I'm the Guy Who Solves Corporate Headaches for Discerning Decision-Makers.

If you're an executive, entrepreneur, or individual who wants a business solution, you're in the right place.

ChangeWork is about …..Change. Change with a captial ‘C’.

Unexpected transformation – surprising before-and-afters – results that seem to defy explanation – these are the norm for my clients.

Striking and lasting solutions are my specialty.  I work at any scale, be it one individual or an entire corporate retreat.

Real change is what you will find here. 

I work with people who are passionate and curious about their own potential and development, and about the potential of the organizations they are part of or seeking to grow.

Do you want to see what’s possible for your WorkLife…and for you?

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What My Clients Are Saying

The stories you just read are possible because of the freshness of my approach. I care deeply about your success and empowerment, and I bring to you techniques you won’t find elsewhere.

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Whether You Need Help to:

I can help.  As long as you are serious about results.

You’ll get the same full attention and engagement from me that has made the difference for all my clients.


I Work with Decision-Makers Who Give a Damn, and Respect Life & People

You Can Expect a Direct, and Respectful - No B.S. - Approach

I don’t beat around the bush. At the same time you have my respect, and I honor your dignity.

I make no judgments. You are safe with me, and from me. My clients know this. They feel this.

I’m not here to make you feel good. I’m here to help you get through something so you can have the life and the work you want.

I Expect Your Honesty, and Your Yes for Change.

If you are honest with yourself, and me – and do real work – I am your greatest ally and will do all I can for your success.

I work with people who give a damn – who want to do well. To express their creativity and competency, and who want  freedom in themselves.  And freedom to succeed in the workplace.

I Honor the Triple Bottom Line.

I respect your wants, needs and objectives.

I work with decision makers who care about their employees and Life itself, as well as profits. If you don’t see why investing in your people is worth it, we’re not a good fit.

I also will not work with anyone who is volitionally cruel.

Why I Succeed Where Others May Not

I find the cluster of root causes almost immediately, and bring resolution.

Those things that trouble us are symptoms; they point us toward root cause. When we address root cause we remove these symptoms and are no longer troubled.

Clear, accurate perception of the root cause – and how to transmute it – is one of my gifts.

Most people are averse to conflict. With good reason; they have generally failed in resolving issues in the past.

In business, judgments are made labeling certain people as difficult. This creates an additional barrier. These issues are complex. The issues are difficult, not necessarily the people.

Approaches to resolution which occur role-to-role, function-to-function fail. Resolution through a skilled approach only occurs person-to-person, a process people and organizations are loathe to attempt.

I understand and am skilled at managing the nuances within these complexities to bring resolution, seemingly whatever the issue, in dignified ways, respectful of all parties involved.

As we work together, you may be surprised by some of my methods, and how effective they are.

My uncommon perception and uncommon knowledge and experience allows me to identify the constellation of circumstances forming the root cause. I will use non-ordinary models and means to introduce appropriate and desired change.

My work is honorable, and respectful, with a bent for desired results. I do what it takes.

I worked with three politicians. They were a team. In interviewing each individually, I asked a question. The person responded. After their response, I said, ‘I’ve heard from the politician, now I want to hear from you the person. I asked the question again; they responded. I said ‘thank you, I’ve heard from the administrator, now I want to hear from you.’ They each went silent. They had no relationship with themselves, the person that they were. Their professional personas were dominant.

Success ensues from the person – her or himself. Personas are in the way. I can help.

What does this mean?

Meetings with pre-prepared agendas, though important to accomplish objectives, often are themselves the reasons why initiatives fail to be executed.

The actual agenda is presented in real time by the thoughts and presences of those in the meeting.

For example, there may be unexpressed questions, unexpressed frustrations, unasked for clarity – this is the real agenda. This is the starting place.

Until someone can bring their clean attention and resourceful presence, there will be no consensus or supporting input.

Not only do I surface the real agenda, I respectfully resolve these urgencies so that the process of fulfilling objectives and the mission can actually occur.


I Solve the Workplace Problems No
One is Talking About.... But Which Matter the Most.


Organizations – and the people who work in them – need something fresh.

It’s possible to put more life, more passion, more brightness and honesty and substance into the workplace.

You can reawaken the creativity and full engagement at the heart of all success, both in yourself, and at your company.

I bring teams back to life, executives back from the brink, organizational systems back into coherence.


Individuals can coalesce into allies, giving new unity to how the organization feels, much as many aspen trees are one organism at the root. This is possible. It’s possible to have a workplace free of resentment, full of contented people making good decisions, for the benefit of all involved.

I’m here to vitalize your workplace. You need human decency instead of over-categorization, generative conversations instead of debate, straight talk instead of corporate doublespeak.

Simplicity is what’s needed. Not oversimplification, but the radical clarity that comes from going right to the center of what needs to move, and working from there.




I bring coherence. I bring innovation. I bring a style of mentoring you’ve not encountered before. This I promise.

My approach is clear, laser, direct.  I’ll tell you stories of transformation – of workplace harmony restored against all expectation; of coworkers learning to love working together, of executives who discover that what makes their worklife flow is making their entire life – personal, familial, as well as professional – flow as well.

What’s your need?

I can help.

Engage with Your Moment.

Clarity. Awareness. Expressive Leadership.