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The Verona Model

For Executives

It's Time to Reset Your Results.

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What Is Possible for You?

Imagine going to work and the issues you had are resolved. Imagine things are going smoothly. Your team is working well, with everyone on great terms. At home, long-standing issues and annoyances with your family have likewise melted away.

Sound like a dream, or the result of years of therapy?

Think again. These kind of results happen when you experience the Verona Model, my premier offering for executives – and their families.

I call this the Verona Model in fond memory of my first use of this format, held at a ski resort in the Italian Alps with five CEOs and their families. In our process the degree of transformation and success everyone experienced was stellar, and I realized this could be repeated for any such group.

The immersive and intensive nature of the retreat, and my intent-driven bent for root-cause-level – and uncommon ChangeWork methods – enables sustainable solutions that are demonstrative through time. This I promise.

Watch Your Challenges Dissolve...

My approach is utterly unique, creating ‘the difference that makes the difference’ for you and your organization.

During our retreat, we work on the ‘stuff’ – every kind of issue:

  • corporate issues
  • personal issues
  • familial issues

We work together until we get to the bottom of things.

One key to such results is the rapid, real-time dissolving of issues that at first may seem to have nothing to do with your WorkLife. Executives the world over think they can segment off their work life from their home life, or their own issues from the issues of their team. Instead, I work with you to holistically get at the roots of all these areas of your life, each reverberating into the others as harmony takes the fore.

This experience is an elegant opening into the changes you have wanted and needed.

Pick the beautiful setting of your choice and we’ll dive in to serious Change. You’ll walk into something you will remember fondly for the rest of your life. You’ll walk out lighter, with clarity and greater resourcefulness.

Amid Ease, You Become Free.

Mornings, afternoons, and evenings we’ll convene, with breaks for meals, surrounded by beauty. What could be better than this? This is utopian, but real, grounded, and durable. You may be surprised by how enjoyable you’ll find this process, while dealing with formerly difficult issues. Each day, you’ll feel more free, more able to live life on your own terms.

Whatever is in the way will reveal itself….and be dealt with, creating definitive and remarkable results.

Curious? Contact me and we can discuss the details.

The Auburn Model

For Teams

Fresh, Vital, Coherence - for Everyone - Together.

Why is This Team Training So Different?

When teams get coaching, mediation, or go on a retreat, there is usually a predictable process and format used by the retreat leader. This format is used with team after team, cookie-cutter style, no matter the fact that every team is utterly unique.

ChangeWork team retreats differ – they are not paint-by-the-number, they are fine art. Your team, when you experience the Auburn Model, receives a bespoke, moment-to-moment-fresh Change process that the consultant and emerges the team.

When you experience this, you’ll  realize this isn’t like anything else, or any other approach. There is a clarity, a rightness – a resonance.  

I go in and elicit the actual problems beneath the presenting problems. This is root-cause, the matrix of interrelated problems people aren’t talking about or aware of.

I do this while preserving the dignity and respect of everyone. I move in with resources and uncommon skills, and weave together extemporaneous, creative, and lasting solutions, tailored to each person, each moment, each sensed potential.

Restore Interpersonal Clarity

I also mediate conflict in a way that you’re unlikely to have ever seen, with results that tend to be permanent as we get to the root cause.

I do this in a way that is freeing to people. I’m direct and time-efficient, and get to the heart of what’s really going on, while respecting the humanity, dignity, and self-respect of everyone.

This means a durable fix, in the moment, in real time, providing mental and behavioral models, until the problems you needed mediation for no longer exist.

When you experience this directly, you’ll see what I mean for yourself. It’s evident, and reliable. Though my methods are custom, my results are predictable.

Function Beautifully Together

Is your team scattered across the country, or the world? Do they meet in person only occasionally? Or do they see each other often enough to be annoyed by each other’s lunch choices?

In all these cases, you’re aware of how challenging it can be to get a team on the same page.

ChangeWork team retreats are as effective for remote teams as those live.

The approach is, on the surface, simple: the team comes together, and one at a time presents the difficulties they are having.

So often people stop bringing things up after they tried and tried; after a while it’s too painful to try again. We become inured to the pain. This creates, over time, a dissociation from ourselves and our lives.

I change this. With you. The weight lifts; we create a freedom from the synergy of our co-creative process.

That’s why any and all difficulties are mandated – they are goddamned necessary.

Then, one by one, we resolve them all.

We create a personal level of understanding where there is enough collegiality and new models for people to interact and communicate together.

Years later, teams that participated in the Auburn Model report that they are still functioning beautifully.

Ready to harmonize your team? Let’s set up your retreat today.

The Wild Rose Sessions

For Individuals

Brighten the Corolla of Your Life

pinkish-red wild roses, delicate and beautiful, shine in dappled light

Wild & Bright

I have a story for you: I want to give you a glimpse of your true nature.

This is the story of your wild flowering into freedom. This is the end of your incarcerated self.

For 25 years I dragged around this potted rose bush, with big domesticated yellow roses, and I damn near killed it when I cut it back too far.

I planted it in the ground, and for the first year, nothing.

The second year, it started to grow again and instead of the yellow corollas of the past, it now came out with a profusion of tiny wild red roses.

I wondered how this could be. A biologist friend said, “Well, all domestic stock comes from wild rootstock.”

I said, that’s it! This is how I lived my life – as an overly-domesticated version of myself.

I had not realized that my life was yet unaligned. My thinking and actions issued from my enculturated self, rather than from the heart and soul of who I am – my inner wild rose.

Humans are the only life-form who can live in ways untrue to themselves. To have the experiences and creative expression and fulfillment you long for, domestication must take a backseat to your true nature.

The cultured rose, found in nearly every garden, is not nearly so fragrant as the wild rose.

My work is to help your wild rootstock have equal relevance. Let’s keep what’s domesticated in its place, and also allow the bright, wild corolla that nature designed for you to be.

Why? Read on….

Your True Nature Isn't Domesticated

You are the wild rose rootstock, masquerading in subdued colors, conforming to your upbringing and training. The freedom you long for to express your own colors and fragrance is within your grasp.

I invite you to move away from your domestication to live out your own life, to have the experience and expressions fitting your true nature.

Why? When you’re domesticated, you’re not in phase with your essential force.

This exacerbates what you experience as challenges.

Happily, there’s a formula for this:

PS (Problem State) Not equal to DS (Desired State) –> Problem. PS + R (Resource) –>DS (Desired State).

What you desire – a good life – comes not from rumination and resistance; instead, from living your true nature.

Our domestication exacerbates our resistance.

Become Wild in Your Best Way

Working with me is the resource that resolves the equation. This is what I offer.

I have enormous enthusiasm and passion for what’s possible for you. What’s at stake is life itself – the abundance, the fullness, the exuberance of vital aliveness.

This can be your life. You can engage and embrace life, wild again, in the best way.

That’s what I mean by ‘brighten your corolla’. This is the unfurling of real presence, real power, real in-the-moment being who-you-are.

I do this in groups as well as one-on-one. In the Wild Rose Sessions, I guide you and others through transformation, in-the-moment, in real-time.

This is fun. This is confronting. This is no holding back. This is honest. This is beautiful. This is a voyage to a land you long for. This is a rare opportunity. This is the culmination of my life’s journey. This is a place and a space for you, with others, to be safe, and curious, and ever more free.

How the Series Works

Each session is three hours long so we can dive deep.

You can ask me anything.


 Participants will guide the direction – I will respond with mentoring, coaching, and ChangeWork.

Sessions are entirely live, in real-time via Zoom. They are never pre-recorded.

If you are a participant, you have a chance to speak.  Anyone can bring any question, and I will respond as guided, in real time.

If you miss a class, you can view the recording later at your own leisure as desired.

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Engage with Your Moment.

Clarity.  Awareness. Expressive Leadership.