Thank you for being a portal for me. Your heart is huge: your gift and talents, many and your vision and commitment, extraordinary.
— Jim Powell, MD

I unhesitatingly recommend your executive coaching skills. You met and exceeded our standards and requirements brilliantly.
— Gary Withers. V.P for University Relations, PSU

When we began working with you our organization was expanding its geographic investments. This growth lead to us increasing our staff to significantly. To say we were suffering growing pains is an understatement. Your keen skills and extensive experience in assisting the development of the people side of business positively and hugely impacted our people and business—beyond me having the words to express. And personally, my horizons have broadened – thank you.
— Stephanie Durham-McCourt, Barclays North, Inc.

After working with Stephen, our business started to slowly increase; our staff worked more cohesively, and the number of customers stared to increase. Over the next year, our business grew by 20%! During the previous five years, our growth rate was has 3-5% per year. Thank you Stephen.
— Bill Templeman

I felt so safe and supported in your facilitation to resolve our company’s concerns. I am in awe of your expertise and insight, Thank you so much for your time and careful guidance.
— Debbie Russell — Los Angeles

During my 35-year career as an international consultant in the resort real estate industry, I have had opportunity to work with over 2,000 clients – ranging from small family businesses to global corporations. Very rarely have I encountered anyone with the attributes of Stephen Victor in regards to intellect, clarity of thought, persuasiveness of ideas, communication skills and general kindness. Stephen is a special person. In my opinion, any size of business or organization would greatly benefit from his unique guiding services.
— Richard Ragatz, Ph.D.

I have never had an experience as deeply moving and powerful as the one you guided for our startup. You have a mystical power to understand feelings, convey direction and empower. The way you connect to some larger field of knowledge spoke to my own yearnings to find other paths in my inner wisdom.
— Steve Cohen, Los Angeles

Executives often have few productive avenues to gain insight often finding it lonely at the top. Stephen Victor’s coaching gives me a laser-focused and intuitive way to bring out the best in myself. The result is that my performance improves, my awareness expands, and my appreciation for the opportunities escalate. My company and I both reap the benefits. Just knowing I can get this from Stephen is like having a secret weapon in my arsenal.
— Barry Russell – CEO Encore Ceramics, Inc.

If your organization has trouble getting on top of important relationship issues, either internal or external, you’d want to know that Stephen Victor’s Constellation work can address and heal the root causes of these systemic problems. Beyond the fascinating experience of participating in this work is the energetic correction that brings into alignment the values, capabilities and objectives of the organization. My gratitude to Stephen for this deep healing in my company is everlasting.
— Barry Russell – CEO Encore Ceramics Inc.

Your work provided a remarkable opportunity to learn effective communication tools and new strategies for making changes in ones own life, and others. You have a masterful facility with the subject matter allowing you to demonstrate actual change as you taught. Thank you.
— Mary Ann Parkhurst, Staff Scientist, Richland, WA

As a supervisor who has spent his career in emergency responses, I want you to know that your work with us has provided the relevant type of thinking and communication skills necessary for us to deal with the human factors that must be addressed to do our jobs safely. I highly recommend your process and you as a facilitator.
— Mike Rieser, Assistant Fire Management Officer, Colorado

This training was unlike any I have ever received in the workplace. You effectively identified the level of our specific needs, guided us to develop new skills, showed us the benefits of multiple perspectives, and thus, led us to new learning about ourselves and others. I personally thank you for your creative approaches, sincerity and enthusiasm.
—Arlene J. Tugel, Soil Scientist, Soil Quality Institute.

Stephen is effective and results orientated. He gave me tools and information that I could walk away with and use immediately. He helped our association define what we are about, learn problem solving skills, to set and achieve our goals and, in spite of our differences, and work effectively as a team.
— William Hollis, Board of Trustees, NW Firefighters Relief Association

Stephen Victor is a master at guiding and coaching. He is creative in finding solutions that get results. His broad range of knowledge and his enthusiasm instill confidence. I highly recommend Stephen’s services.
— Jackie Shannon, MSW, Clinical Supervisor, Chemical Dependency Clinic

I loved your presentations and your presence and state of being. The spiritual learning and experience was an unexpected gift of the training. You gave far more complex and rich information and insight than I ever imagined. Thank you, dear mentor, for your leadership, and graciousness, gentleness and strength.
— Breyer Patterson, Mediator, facilitator and trainer

Stephen, thank you so much for inspiring me. Were it not for the integrity and conviction with which you lead your life, I wouldn’t be where I am right now in mine.
— Catherine De Wetter, Life Coach and facilitator

During the last year I have been working with Stephen Victor, I have learned more in that time than any time prior. I acknowledge Stephen’s expertise and skill. He has great discernment in dealing with people, and creates rapport and real connections with those with whom he works. This enables them to make deep changes. I hold him and his work in highest regard.
—Paul Bennett, Supervisor, IRS

I found Stephen to be an experienced clinician, a master instructor, a deeply spiritual person whose faith is congruent with his practice. I have benefitted personally from his knowledge and wisdom in more ways than I can describe. His insights into the psyche are profound.
—Rev Joe McMahan, M.Div. BCC, Director of Pastoral Care, Asante Health Systems

My life is far richer in awareness of my conscious and unconscious mind working together to take care of me and love me. I hold a new awareness for our planet and all living beings and have a heightened (and reverent) understanding of the power of my spirit. I am a new and better communicator.
—Joan Cavan, RN Mediator

I admire Stephen’s integrity, his generosity and effectiveness in assisting others to achieve personal and professional goals.
— Kevin Ott, MA, JD, MSW

Thank to your courage, leadership and teaching. Constellations methods are taking off. What a remarkable difference you are making. I am very grateful for what I have learned from you and for my new capacity to render a service that you, and this body of work, has given me.
— Joseph Friedman, Director of Practice Innovation, JMJ Associates Austin, TX

With his sense of humor and openness, his solid understanding of the training material and thee underlying bodies of knowledge, Stephen’s teachings are fun, challenging and fundamentally useful…my own effectiveness as a manager, especially my ability to communicate was measurably improved as a result of the trainings provided by Stephen.
— Ken Tescher, General Manager, Reed Harris, Inc.

Stephen Victor is a master teacher who blends a thorough knowledge with a superior teaching style to create a learning opportunity that is both rich and powerful. Choosing to participate in one of Stephen’s trainings is to choose an exciting path of self-empowerment, self-mastery and self-discovery.
— Nanne Wagner, Personnel Consultant, Paradigm Inc. Lake Oswego, OR

I will not forget what you have done for me professionally and personally. You have great skills in conflict resolution. You have tools in the tool belt that make a difference. I admire your work and hope that you continue to make a difference.
— Donnie H. Belk, Development Manager, Essex Property Trust, Inc., Bellevue, WA

Stephen, I can hardly say how extremely pleased I am with your presentation at our IONS group. My wife, Pat and I were blown away. Others also felt this way. We were richly rewarded for having been there.
— Robert Bushman, Coordinator, Eugene, IONS

I want to thank you for a marvelous training. The knowledge, integrity and sacred sincerity of purpose that you brought to each and every session created a space which allowed me, and others, to be touched in profound ways…to be gently tweaked into a shifting and wider opening of our perspectives and worldview. It is a rare and special gift you gave. I will always treasure what I received.
— Marilyn Lang

I have been doing workshops and trainings with Stephen Victor since 1998. I have found Stephen to be a respectful, dedicated and authentic teacher…He has offered well balanced trainings full of valuable information that I have used every day in my life. His interactions and leadership in a group setting have been fun, inspirational, and mystical. The clarity I have gotten with Stephen’s work has been life changing for me….
— Bonnie McIrvin

This work is the most phenomenal work I have ever experienced..The work is so easy, deep and life changing. Professionally I have seen immediate shifts in a client’s thinking and awareness of self. I think it is the most powerful work happening on the planet so far. I am so excited for the resources and direction I am using in this work. The systems I know have been impacted in a positive way due to using this work to facilitate observational and meaningful changes.
— Bonnie McIrvin