Systemic Consultancy

Our team members work collaboratively with clients to awaken a broader universal intelligence that is inherent in their team, and serves to expand awareness of hidden dysfunctional systems that have been disruptive to achieving their organization’s promise. When these hidden habits become visible, the where, when and how of what didn’t serve their goals falls away and correct action towards the desired futures of organizational promise and greatness becomes apparent.

Systemic-based Diagnostics

Our diagnostic methods for identifying unseen impediments in businesses’ and organizations’ historical and current realities are unprecedented, as is our ability to identify corrective actions to increase deliverables on time, within budget and within performance standards.

Uncommon Solutions

Our proven techniques reveal unique solutions for each issue faced by your business and practices. Resolutions to problems reside within the broader phenomenon of an organization’s unseen system of intelligence. Solutions await leadership’s detection, execution and implementation. Your team need only be guided by experienced facilitators in sifting through what has hindered desired outcomes and to put into place solutions that naturally reside here.

Executive Leadership Development

The promise of leadership, of organizations, of businesses, and ourselves necessitates letting go of the now ill-suited models that brought us here. This is a prerequisite for continuing to inhabit this planet. Professional, public and private global circumstances compel us to envisage new life affirming working models, and approaches for creating a world that enables human, business and organizational promise.

We work with our client leaders to facilitate their own access to Wisdom and universal intelligence – an inner knowing which is distinct from conceptual thought and psychological experience. It is our belief that humans possess innate alliances with Wisdom and universal intelligence that Western culture denies. We help develop the capacities for being informed by the intelligence around us. Through this we further the fulfillment of promise.

Together, we:
• Shift self-identification to one’s genuine greatness
• Integrate the personal, public and professional   personas

• Re-establish connections with one’s Muse for furthering promise
• Foster the embodiment of one’s own nature

• Strengthen relations with genuine power • Enhance skill sets for partnering, cooperating and collaborating
• Foster capacity for the inspired creative expression of individual, team and organizational promise