Workshops December 7 & 8, 2019 in Ashland, Oregon

To Love Completely, Irrespective.

“May you know joy irrespective of circumstance.”
Bert Hellinger

Dear Friends,

Among a myriad other things, we humans get to experience Life Beckoning–Life’s continual invitation to change. To become. To be more than our upbringing and culture suggest. My work has always been in service to these ends…

Though I promise that my December workshop will be exceptional and Life Changing, it is no exception. It will be a mix of permissions and entitlements furthering the changes you desire. Furthering your abilities to manage well in today’s world.

My December workshop is my last one in the States. I am leaving Southern Oregon. Life is Beckoning me to other seas and ports of call.
Please join the intimate beauty of the long term circle I’ve been privileged to work with on December 7 & 8 in Ashland. It will be Life Changing and heartening. I promise.

“To Love Completely, Irrespective” is not a hollow abstraction nor the dribble of a hoped for new age pursuit. Rather it is an opening proffered by the Mystery that is utterly and irrepressibly relevant in its embodied and applied forms. In our daily actions.

  • What does this mean?
  • How might this look?
  • Is it possible?
  • If so, how can this be accomplished?

Note: We do not have a life. Rather, we are Life.
Oh, Life is Love.

Come join the fun of this heartening and awareness expanding workshop. You will be delighted to have done so. I Promise.

“Bring ALL your challenges,

bring ANYTHING you have NOT been able to shift and heal all your life,

bring the BIGGEST most important questions about your life,

bring that which no one else managed to help you with and Stephen will do that with grace and ease.”

– Adele Adonai

WHEN: December 7-8th
WHERE: The Siskiyou School – 631 Clay Street Ashland.
TIMES: 9:30am – 4:30pm


Click here to register for the two (2) days $295

Click here to register for one (1) day $195

For more information call (541) 531-5756 or email

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