What I Am Learning

(First posted September 13th, 2011)
I had the delightful privilege of receiving a lovely letter via Spiritual Networks. In it there was a question asked of me. My response follows.

I am delighted to receive the bundle of energy that is yourself and your promise (These things are imbued in your note). To me this is the dominant message in your writing. Feeling your heart energy buoys me.

I, like you, find it pleasing to meet energetic siblings on awakening’s path. You are correct, no one is alone, ever! Yet we humans benefit from reminders.

Wow! Your question! I am intrigued with your curiosity! Now to your question: “Out of all your years of teaching, what would you say is the most important thing you have learned?”

The most important thing I have learned is that we (humanity, you and I) are not what or who we are purported to be. The dominant behaviors humanity exhibits have nothing to do with our actual character and true nature. Our ancestries, biographies and cultures fail in their characterization of us.

There is a yet to be expressed creativity and motion available within the precincts of the human heart awaiting our embodiment. There is the promise of our promise awaiting fulfillment. This is a place of creativity and motion. It lives within the human heart. Yes, of course, this is a place of fierce and nurturing love of self, other, the Earth and cosmos (in other words, the Mystery); yet is much more than this.

This place is a leaping off point. A point where each of us can experience worlds and realities beyond this one; and, with these experiences be changed. If you give yourself over to this point and the experiences it offers, you will change again and again. In the accumulation of these changes you may experience theplay casino whole of the multiplicity of universal places at once, experiencing yourself – as the gestalt.

The most important thing I have learned is that something beyond us is continually asking something of and from us. The opportunity of the human heart is to respond with an immediate and robust YES and move in response to the Mystery.

The most important thing I am learning involves each of us moving into the unity of our own sovereign divinity. This involves a letting go of the denial of our onboard capacities for seeing the Mystery for what it is: Our loving playground, our design studio.

The most important thing I am learning is that YES to the Mystery is the only path.

The most important thing I have learned is that survival of the ego, whether keeping your looking good looking good, or ensuring the survival of one’s physical body and one’s life, individually or collectively, are meaningless endeavors, really. (Yes, of course, maintain yourself.) However when the universe offers you a test or opportunity (whatever its form) an immediate yes is the only response that is life expanding, life affirming!

I think I am just beginning to approach the place of the most important thing I have learned – that of living the Yes to the Mystery. With this, moving into truly living my own life – rather than the one the world has given me. I am not there yet however this movement has begun in my system of “self.”

I will leave this for now.

And you my friend? Is this place all that much different from the places of your learning?

Feel free to redirect the question if you like.