Lesley Hazleton

(First posted August 20, 2011)

If you see your path in front of you, you know one thing for certain: It is not your path. Your path is made with each step you take.” ~ Joseph Campbell

Campbell informed that we see our path when, at life’s end, we look back acr

oss its arc and then see the orchestrated confluence of circumstance, events and expression, of our path. Perhaps there is something to be garnered by looking to another”s path.

Look to the writer Lesley Hazleton. Along with her great writing prowess, she is a researcher extraordinaire: One who synthesizes disparate complexities scattered across ethnic, linguistic, national, cultural, religious and millennial borders. When her research reveals differing constructions of events, she provides them rather than offering a homogenized representation.

In providing multiple perspectives, she models an integrity that may well enable future generations to behave differently than those who came before. So too, she possesses keen and astute insight into human psychological process. This enables her to reveal the qualities of character and the many internal dynamics behind the actions taken by those about whom she writes. This too gives us insight into our own processes. Further, in reading the multiple perspectives she provides, we can more easily let go of our many false and diminishing misunderstandings – those punctuated through cultural bias.

British-American Ms playing pokies online Hazleton has described herself as “a Jew who once seriously considered becoming a rabbi, a former convent schoolgirl who daydreamed about being a nun, an agnostic with a deep sense of religious mystery though no affinity for organized religion.” She lived in Israel, worked as a psychologist, a reporter – now a researcher and nonfiction writer living in the USA.

Though in the early autumn of her life, I look only to the macro events of her public life: In doing so, I believe it possible to see the Mystery’s orchestration: she had Jewish, Christian and Islamic experiences, she lived in the West and the East, and she worked as a reporter and psychologist. These circumstances have changed, shaped and positioned her in her flowering enabling the brilliant harvest she gathers for us and those who follow.

So too with you and me: Our future is unknown. What is knowable are the moments when we are here now presently centered and grounded to the Earth. So too, we need bring compassionate intelligence into the foreground of our actions, the changing our states of being, and choosing processes . Doing these things furthers the likelihood that we too will produce a bountiful harvest for those who will follow.

We each might do well to ask ourselves? What is the single intent of my life? Then too, what is my heart’s love and creative expression? Not the false longing society has configured for me – the one issuing from the false heart, but rather, what is the creative expression that is mine alone to make?

The following link provides a listing of Lesley Hazleton”s books and other available media.


So too, look to http://accidentaltheologist.com/ for her blog.

If you want to expand your models of the world, give her a read! Her harvest is here to nurture all of us!