(First posted on December 8th, 2012)
Year end review: 
1 Do I feel abundant? Have I created what I want?
2 Is there a clear exchange of energy for my work? A clear exchange of money? Time? Space? Rest?
3 Am I living my own life? Or, that of another’s design?
4 Am I on the path of my own life’s trajectory? Or circling the path?
5 Do I feel valued and paid for the work I am doing?
6 Do I have an increased sense of spaciousness physically? Mentally? Energetically?
7 What do I most want to do? Am I doing it? Have I created the time, money and energy for it? The balance?
8 Do I feel easy and relaxed? Am I relaxing for no reason?
9 Does my body feel physically healthy and vital?
10 Do I have the range of motion and creative life expression I want?
11 Am I primarily feeling joy throughout the day?
12 Am I giving my gift? Living the vision I have for myself?
13 Am I delivering my life’s promise?

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” ~ Mary Oliver, The Summer Day