(First posted August 20, 2011)

I have long awaited having a blog. Too, I had intended two posts a month. I didn’t keep my promise. So tardy have I been that I removed the promise from the few lines of intro on my site.

Further, I experienced a fair amount of spam. As consequence I removed all comments…even the delightfully heartening ones…until my webmaster and technician quells the flow of spam’s silliness.

The chief impediments however revolve round two issues: My own reticence to reveal to the world what I write. Well, that isn’t quite right. Disclosure is okay, its my fear of consequences that has been the rub.

Second, how the hell do I communicate what I believe relevant in short pieces? The movement into honestly living one’s own life is not supported by sound bites nor by the hurried latte-in-hand models of psychological or energetic awakening.

Since my last post, I have been molting repeatedly. One set of feathers falls out, then slowly new ones arrive. Then, after a few takeoffs, short cross-country flights and landings – my newly acquired feathers fall out again. New ones then come forward.

The net effect of my molting is this: My current plumage will no longer take flight in the fear-predicated life I was previously living. As I open to the currents of my own life, I see that I am letting go of the fears – and other constraints. Ahh! There is a bit more spaciousness now as I approach my freedom!

So, too, I trust you are leaving the designs and intent of others and increasingly moving into your own life. Here is an instrument to gauge your movement: Ask yourself? Am I fearing the judgments of others? Am I fearing my own self-criticisms and self-judgments? More, importantly, am I restricting my motion in response to these or other fears?