(First posted November 11th, 2011)

“We need not stride resolutely towards catastrophe, merely because those are our marching orders.”
~ Noam Chomsky

We are living in a time when great care and patience are called for. Our understanding of our individual and collective circumstances are so wholly impoverished that we often hasten to act from fear and caprice when relaxation and graciousness would better serve. The strident earnestness of New Age spirituality and its pop-psychologies are inadequate for the task at hand. So too, are our cultural, ancestral, familial and personal ideologies, mythologies and stories.

As much as we want to believe otherwise, we are living a mystery that is unknown and unknowable to the human mind and personality. Our strong desire to understand is itself a function of our thought-based enculturation: We therefore need regard this normal, but unnatural bent, with suspicion. Gravely, we have not. Rather, we have persisted in believing our thinking, fears, beliefs, “facts,” dogmas, proofs, and other sundry theories which masquerade as definitive “truths.”

As we begin suspending our entrained habits of thought and move into accord with our natural proclivities, we first perceive and directly experience the energetic realms about us. Many people use the word “intuition” in referring to their perceptions which arise from these fields of energy. You know these yourself as you have many such experiences. The key is to sort energetic perceptions from the confounding imagined “perceptions” created by the mind of your personality’s ego: It has a particular bent for projecting unconscious thinking onto oneself, others, things or circumstances. In its doing so, many of us confuse the things our minds “make up” as genuine when they are not!

Real and genuine perception of energetic phenomena occurs constantly however we have been trained to distract ourselves from experiencing the Wisdom of these worlds. Generally we do so before we are consciously aware of them. Thus we remain isolated from a great deal of the Mystery’s generous Grace. To remember to remember the energetic information impinging on you in each moment, I offer the following pointers. These pointers, in the form of questions, will prompt shifts to your mental and emotional states, in your states of consciousness and states of being. In doing so, your ease of energetic perception and experience is enhanced. The counsel you will garner in the fields of Wisdom will further your movement into the creative expression of your promise.

1) “How might I feel even more gratitude for my sentient life? For the beauty in my life? For the plentitude I have? For the reality that I am reading these words? That I am breathing? That I am ambulatory?”
2) “How might I slow down my daily movements and relax more fully and consistently, giving myself into life’s buoyancy?”
3) “How might I develop a kinder and lighthearted responses to all that life presents to me?”
4) “How might I see my own innocence, beauty and dignity more completely? See these in others too?”
5) “How might I see the Grace in all circumstance?” 
6) “How might I claim my life fully? Fully engage, embrace and embody the vitality life offers to me?”
7) “How might I fully bring myself to bear in bringing my brilliance to those who have and will come to the planet after me?”