(First posted September 13, 2011)

Recently I received a comment and curiosity regarding my website. I decided to post them along with my response.

Comment and curiosity:
I did enjoy reading your website. As I was reading I wondered if the philosophies change according to regional or from country to country or even religious denominations? I also was wondering if your consultations are done with well known companies? I am a critical thinker not to be confused with negative thinker and my curiosity was piqued.

Thank you for your kind acknowledgement!

I appreciate your curiosity. The attrition rate for genuine curiosity itself warrants quantities of curiosity from each of us. Author Tom Robbins’ phrase “Vatican thought police” may point to one of the many unscrupulous culprits imposing their genocidal bent on curiosity. I fear that there are many unmarked graves concealing the remains of formerly active curiosity.

My interest revolves around energetic curiosity rather than thought-based curiosity. These two processes and skills are entirely distinct: the former unlimited and the only authentic and true catalyst of change. The latter receives more credit than is its due. Nonetheless, compassionately intelligent thought-based curiosity can be catalytic. It is often necessary in moving one toward and into genuine energetic curiosity.

I too appreciate the distinction you offer vis-a-vis negative thinking. Itself a plague on the Earth!

Regarding well known companies. Generally no. A few are multinationals: One, a household name operating world wide. Two operate on four continents. Another, involves thirty-five countries. Another operating throughout the EU. And, one operating in the USA from the Mississippi River to the Pacific Ocean. However, that is a bit of grandstanding on my part. Most of my client organizations are small. Too, I have worked with governmental entities in the States, at all levels of governance, and with not-for-profits and NGOs.

Regarding whether my philosophies change regionally or from country to country, or even with differing religious denominations…I love this question!

The short answer is no, and for this reason. The models I use regard the origins of difficulties people experience to arise from a single source: An intended “built-in” bug in the operating system or hardware a person comes with. The bug bears a positive life-affirming intent and is itself a positive process for a human being. To me, the origin of an individual’s issues are distinct from genetics and culture. They are however symbiotic, as they incubate in the context of family and culture.

What is required of me is to meet people in the dignity, beauty and innocence of the Human Heart, and, too, to meet them intellectually. When I am successful in this, together we can begin the process of going beyond the familial, cultural, religious – and those stories of one’s personal history. In the process I need honor one’s respective narrative, yet, unless I assist them to change how they define themselves, to change, too, their personal cosmologies, and then to locate themselves beyond the myriad of their local pseudo-identities – the one’s they believe themselves to be – I help no one. I am but wasting their life and my own.

A good teacher must meet people where they are and then take them where they could or would not have gone on their own.

I trust there are threads of coherence here.

Thank you again for your curiosity! I wish you well!