Course Correction

(First posted September 17th, 2011)
There is an intended humorous maxim some men occasionally espouse: “I did not receive the technology gene.” This line is used during moments when a man need bring himself to bear in technological contexts – those for which he is ill-prepared. I never liked the damn phrase, yet it comes to mind here/now. I am mostly clueless in these contexts. Whether I have the gene or not, I neither know nor care. I suspect this maxim is but shelter for those of us opening to being wholly okay with oneself. This maxim is warranted until it is not.

Please bear with me. (Maybe you too wonder whether posting this is a necessary self-deception.) I online casino am learning that cutting and pasting posts from word processors and text editing software into WP skews formatting hugely. Having only this week migrated my website to WP, most of the content in both requires translation into WP speak. Soon, things will be in order. Too there will soon be more articles, poetry and stuff arriving.

Thanks for indulging this one”s ongoing course corrections.