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Spiritual Development

(First posted August 31, 2011)I received an e-mail from a man asking: “Can you please give me some help to understand the importance of Spiritual Development and training?” Albeit unspecific, this is a great question. I am delighted the places my attention went at its behest.I asked what spiritual development and training meant to him. […]

On Point

(First posted August 29, 2011)When I was younger I sentenced myself to two concurrent endeavors: working as cop and attending university. When I left police work, I asked what I loved most about it. I found I loved “being on point.” I loved giving myself over to the demands of the moment. These were the […]

Hunters and Lions

(First posted June 13, 2011) I had little interest in history, national or world, until I read Howard Zinn’s: A People’s History of the United States. From there I was drawn to historical accounts of US courts awarding corporate entities more legal rights than we human persons are granted by our Constitution. Too, I read of class, […]


(First posted August 20, 2011) I have long awaited having a blog. Too, I had intended two posts a month. I didn’t keep my promise. So tardy have I been that I removed the promise from the few lines of intro on my site. Further, I experienced a fair amount of spam. As consequence I […]

Lesley Hazleton

(First posted August 20, 2011) “If you see your path in front of you, you know one thing for certain: It is not your path. Your path is made with each step you take.” ~ Joseph CampbellCampbell informed that we see our path when, at life’s end, we look back across its arc and then see […]