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Three Ethics to Change the World

1) Do no unnecessary harm. 2) Do not presume. 3) Do not compare experience. The world doesn’t need changing. We do. Read on and live the three ethics and be changed. Do no unnecessary harm We can’t live without harming someone or something. Though we can completely avoid doing unnecessary harm. This requires that we […]

Self First, Unselfishly: A Study in Grace

Tree of Life — Gustav Klimt   “Poems are rough notations for the music we are.” — Rumi (Coleman Barks translation)   Rumi’s acumen in perceiving people as music is not such a stretch given that science describes reality   in terms of frequencies—waves of matt er, sound, light, electromagnetism and so on. So our […]

Grace Report

Mahatma Gandhi: “Whatever you do in life will be insignificant but it’s very important that you do it.” A year ago this month my elderly father took his life ostensibly without letting others know what’s up. Yet, the morning my brother told me, I realized that my dad had been telling me as much for the […]

Patriarchy: I Wonder…

Patriarchy: I Wonder “Whether all is really lost or not depends entirely on whether or not I am lost.”  — Vaclav Havel I wonder: Is the USA’s president hell-bent on acting out racist, sexist, homophobic, misogynistic, elitist and supremacy beliefs? Is there an intent and design to his pattern of derision, divisiveness and exclusionary rhetoric? Do […]

Protecting your Radiance

“Who are the people, ideas, and books that magnify your spirit? Find them, hold on to them, and visit them often. Use them not only as a remedy once spiritual malaise has already infected your vitality but as a vaccine administered while you are healthy to protect your radiance.” – Maria Popova —www.brainpickings.org Maria’s words “…protecting […]

Waking the Feminine

                                                           Image: Woman Asleep in an Armchair The Dream 1932 – Picasso Poet David Whyte said that when he had a son, he felt the need to teach […]


                                                                                                        Photo: Digital art […]

A Goodbye to Patriarchy 

                      “…bent on building an ennobled world of dignity for all…”– Maria Popova In 2010 the Dalia Lama proclaimed “The world will be saved by [the] Western woman.” Recently the Pope declared 22 June as Mary Magdalene Feast Day. The International Council of 13 Indigenous […]