Being human is a grand yet difficult undertaking. Add the contemporary beleaguering political and economic circumstances to the mix and we find ourselves awash in turbulence for which we are ill-prepared.

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Client Reports

Bring ALL your challenges, bring ANYTHING you have NOT been able to shift and heal all your life, bring the BIGGEST most important questions about your life, bring that which no one else managed to help you with and Stephen will do that with grace and ease. - Adele Adonai

During my 35-year career as an international consultant in the resort real estate industry, I have had the opportunity to work with over 2,000 clients – ranging from small family businesses to global corporations. Very rarely have I encountered anyone with the attributes of Stephen Victor in regard to intellect, clarity of thought, persuasiveness of ideas, communication skills and general kindness. Stephen is a special person. In my opinion, any size or type of business or organization would greatly benefit from his unique guiding services.
– Richard Ragatz, Ph.D.


Sometimes, in constellations, you see, hear, touch, experience something that is at the limits of what the human soul can bear, in terms of an emotion that is somewhere between the poles of excruciating grief, profound understanding, incomprehensible beauty and the silent rapture of the spaces between the stars. I’ve had that experience - what? maybe half a dozen? a dozen? times in my work with you, and this was one of those times. It didn’t make going back to work any easier, but it did remind me that my life is deeper than the next deadline, and that there is more to my soul and this existence then executing the mission.

Carl Niedner
Engineer and CEO

The services you provided me were invaluable and far exceeded my expectations. Your approach, and process, led me quickly and confidently down paths which I had only started to explore. Notwithstanding the brevity of our engagement, your professional coaching skills helped facilitate one
of the most challenging professional decisions I’ve had to face yet. The essence of your success was your ability to quickly establish a deep and meaningful rapport with me. I felt trust and confidence in your professional ability within a very short time. The methods you employed were innovative and new to me, and yet inspired my confidence each step, literally along the way. I unhesitatingly recommend your executive coaching
skills and services because you met and exceeded the following standards and requirements:
1. Quickly developed a genuine professional rapport;
2. Tremendous analytical acumen;
3. Clear and crisp professional objectivity;
4. No-nonsense and no-secrets approach;
5. You delivered on time, exceeded expectations, and made it a lot of fun.˛
Gary Withers, Vice President for University Relations, Portland State University, Portland, OR.
The training you provided our team was a success and far exceeded my expectations. You clearly and succinctly captured our training needs and objectives through your preparation activities. I was impressed with your excellent listening skills and complex insight in to employee interactions during the planning activities. The take home lesson that I remember the
most is łbring the total human being back to the workplace.˛ During the three day session, you led us to learn this message for ourselves through presentations of inspiring quotations, substantiated facts and research, individual and group activities, and your personal behavior. You modeled an
open and total communications style that was respectful of others, demonstrated clarity of thought and personal accountability, and included simple articulation of your thoughts, desires and feelings. You enhanced prepared materials with impromptu consultation approaches to meet individual or additional needs. Because of the consultative approach, this training was unlike any I have ever received in the workplace. You effectively identified the level of our specific needs, guided us to develop new skills, showed us the benefits of multiple perspectives, and thus, led us to new learning about ourselves and each other. I personally thank you for your
creative approaches, sincerity, and enthusiasm.
Arlene J. Tugel, Soil Scientist, Soil Quality Institute, Natural Resources Conservation Service

I think you are a hell of a good teacher! These are the things I
especially appreciated about the class that had little to do with material covered or actual teaching techniques:
• the respect you always showed us
• the times when you reviewed what we did over the current weekend or last time, especially the list of techniques we learned
• your continual physical shifting, your flexibility to be at eye level with each person you were interacting with them
• your awareness of the group's mood and energy level
• quotes used and references offered
• the change-work examples you did with us to demonstrate new techniques
• your availability at breaks if we sought you out
• your additional sociability - friendly involvement with the class
• group circles at the end of class

I loved that you were responsive to suggestions and made changes in how you did things based on the input you received. Your class provided a remarkable opportunity to learn effective communication tools and new strategies for making changes in oneąs own and others. You have masterful facility with the subject matter allowing you to demonstrate actual change as you taught. Thank you.˛
- Mary Ann Parkhurst, Staff Scientist, Richland, WA


I appreciate how Stephen responded to intellectual questions or questions of curiosity by making suggestions that they instead engage in an activity and experience an answer to their query. The experience would result in fostering their individual evolution rather than only their intellect. I appreciate Stephen ąs commitment and success in guiding others toward
spiritual transformation in addition to learning specific concepts and skills. I admire Stephenąs integrity, his generosity and effectiveness in assisting others to achieve personal and professional goals.˛
- Kevin Ott, MA, JD, MSW, Palo Alto, CA


While participating in this training I've started feeling like a flower: I feel roots going down into the earth. Those roots become stronger and stronger. Simultaneously I've been feeling my blossom openig a tiny bit and carefully blinking at the sun.




I want to thank you for the deftness, sensitivity, and grace you accorded me during this week's seminar. I felt welcome to work privately or to experience processes with the group at any point, according to my own wishes. Your caring respect made it easy for me me to make space in which to work. Your advice and encouragement reflected empathy with the exact stage
of my processes at every point. Thanks again. I felt known.

J.D. Hildebrand


Honestly I was skeptical at the start and I forced myself to be open to the learning that I could possibly get from it.  I know that I experienced many uncomfortable moments yet there was something so healing from the process.
Your energy, knowledge, passion, intuition was amazing.  I was so taken by the genuine nature of the process. You truly believe in what you are doing and that is wonderful and genuine, authentic.  There are probably many more adjectives and I will just stick with those for the moment.
Marija Micic
My sense is that our weekend together was one of those rare out-of-ballpark experiences for us all.  That is partly a function of your enormous skill as a knowledgeable, compassionate facilitator, the nature of this remarkable work itself, of the complementarity among participants, and of the intimate, high quality space in which we openly collaborated.
Michael Black

“The Practical Mystic was one of the most profound workshops I have ever done. Period. Merging Hellinger Family Constellations with Andean Mysticism is a powerful marriage. - Isabelle Soule

“You embody wisdom, compassion, humility and joyfulness and your ability to see, hear, and channel is profound.” - Carol Shure

“Your workshop changed me profoundly.” - Daral Clement





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