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Engage with Your Moment

Experience Sudden, Striking, Durable Change.

Hello - I'm Stephen Victor,
The ChangeWork Mentor.

I'm the mentor and executive coach who gets results that defy explanation.

I help executives, entrepreneurs, and anyone seeking rapid, real-time, lasting change.

ChangeWork is sure to be unlike any coaching or mentoring you’ve yet experienced. 

People often come to me with one specific problem, and leave with many additional desired changes.

This applies to concerns both personal and professional, acute and chronic. What’s personal impacts the workplace. Personal issues can be remedied; the organization benefits.

I will get you the results you desire. That’s why I’ve been called  ‘The Pain Relief Guy’.  I can show you why.

What People Are Saying

Unbelievable at first? Possibly. And yet - any issue, every time - cleared, resolved, transmuted.

It doesn’t matter what problem you bring; I can solve it. I have an uncanny ability to find and remedy the root cause.

Something unique to my way of working is Root-Cause Transmutation.

This is a creative, completely bespoke process. I use uncommon models; each client receives a tailor-made solution that reveals itself in the moment.

My Promise to You:
An Uncommon Solution That's Right For You.

Dignity. Respect. Nuance.

I’m known for astonishing results. Women feel freer, relaxed, and seen; energized, encouraged, and confident. Men are acknowledged, on-course; initiating the results they want.

As my client you will learn to:

  • Be equal to circumstance.
  • Find and maintain an inner equanimity.
  • Deepen your self-respect.
  • Connect and use your personal agency.
  • Position your dignity as the fulcrum of change in your life.
  • Manage presence, state of being, and your impact on others.
Stephen Victor sits in a chair among others, speaking to several professional people in a workshop

Your Empowerment is My Priority.

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A New Perspective Will Open Your Life.

A black and white photo show the reflection of women sitting in a workshop room merging with the Shanghai traffic many stories below that is visible out side the window
Photo: © Stephen Victor
A nightview of a city street with streetlamps and headlamp sparking like stars
Photo: © Stephen Victor

Engage with Your Moment.

Clarity. Awareness. Expressive Leadership. 


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Welcome. I’m Stephen Victor. Now:

Let's get real.
There's something in your life you want to change.
You're in Luck.

I Get What You're Up Against.
Come with Me and We'll Do This Thing.

I can help you change what’s not working.

I can get you where you want to go.

My no-nonsense approach means

when you work with me,

we will do what it takes to have what you want.

You’re not in this alone.



Your journey: begin, again.

It’s time to free your music.

Take a stand in your personal agency, and act from there.